Month: February 2021

#41: A chat with Selfapy’s CEO, Nora Blum

A chat with Selfapy’s CEO, Nora Blum: Episode Notes In this episode of the Stepsero podcast we enjoy a laid back conversation with Nora Blum, CEO and founder at Selfapy, a well-known digital platform for self-help against depression.  We kick off our discussion with a few considerations on self-isolation, namely one of the many negative…

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#40: People well-being at Raisin

The positive effects of a career change: Episode Notes In this episode we discuss employee well-being with Raisin’s Head of Learning and Development, Maja Bazan. Raisin is a well-known deposit marketplace, with a network of over ninety partner banks.  Maja’s interest in mental well-being has grown further thanks to her experience with individual coaching, which…

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#39: AI and mental health

AI and mental health: Episode Notes In this episode of Stepsero we speak about AI and its application to mental health. Our guests, George and Amir, are part of The Data Analysis Bureau, a UK-based data science agency that has recently developed a virtual AI assistant tool called SAM.  Below are a few highlights from…

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