#40: People well-being at Raisin

The positive effects of a career change: Episode Notes

In this episode we discuss employee well-being with Raisin’s Head of Learning and Development, Maja Bazan.
Raisin is a well-known deposit marketplace, with a network of over ninety partner banks. 

Maja’s interest in mental well-being has grown further thanks to her experience with individual coaching, which opened many opportunities for her own career development. 

Below are a few points that we had the chance to cover during our interview: 

  • With the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdowns, Learning and Development professionals need to find new ways to deliver impactful training and maintain a healthy level of engagement. This may include learning (and promoting) new tools.

  • At Raisin, People leaders have conducted various surveys for employee satisfaction. On top of that, they have also brought about so-called “happiness discussions”, where employees can express any concern and offer suggestions for improvement.

  • At Raisin, developing leadership management skills is a key priority. After all, while team leads need to focus on improving their own team’s performance, they also bear a social responsibility to support employees’ overall well-being (including their families’).

  • Managers at Raisin pay particular attention to the concept of agile leadership. An agile mindset helps stakeholders be vulnerable, listen openly, and adjust themselves to ever-changing circumstances.

  • Among many useful initiatives, Raisin strives to make meetings more effective by establishing clear guidelines around length, stakeholder involvement and meeting agendas (among others). On regular occasions, leaders promote “no meeting” days to allow employees to prioritize their work accordingly.

  • The main goal of Raisin’s female empowerment forum is to support women in growing both personally and professionally. This may help them develop into leadership positions and the more tech-driven sides of the organization

Our Guest: Maja Bazan

Maja Bazan Profile Picture

Since childhood, Maja knew that she wanted to work in an international environment. Thanks to her family she was exposed to the travel and freight industry. She was always curious about cross-cultural collaboration. People’s behaviour and motivation always encouraged her to explore more. Maja’s mission is to develop business through people’s growth, she combines two educational paths that gave her a solid background in her HR career – MSc in International Relations and Postgraduate Studies in Modern HR Management. A turning point in her career was when she participated in coaching sessions. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to pursue a diploma in that field in order to help people in discovering their purpose and strengths.
She has 10+ years of experience in HR, all processes from hire to retire. Currently, she nurtures talents at Raisin, a German FinTech company, as the Head of Learning and Development. She is also still actively supporting people’s growth as a life and business coach. In everyday work, she sees herself as a gardener who takes care of people’s growth. Her optimistic approach to life helps her to survive through difficult times.


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