Mental Health in the modern workplace

Mental Health in the modern workplace

Leaders all over the world report significant decreases in productivity and lack of organizational effectiveness, primarily due to employee unhappiness and mental health related issues.
Because of this, employee turn-over levels have rapidly increased and companies often find it hard to retain their talent. 

With Stepsero we want to address several aspects of mental health in the modern workplace, including the role played by work stressors in employee motivation, management style and overall productivity. In this regard, you can expect to find all sorts of useful information, including, but not limited to; work-life balance, personal episodes and recommendations, company initiatives, and specific issues such as burnout. 

All the content on this website is based on available literature and individual first-hand experience. We pride ourselves on always striving to deliver relevant information, in the hope that it will benefit you or your company.

The Podcast

Stepsero Podcast Cover - Mental Health in the modern workplace

Our guests are encouraged to be unapologetically themselves while bringing great value.
With this in mind, they are free to decide whether they want to center the discussion around one specific topic or address several questions pertinent to mental well-being at work. Either way, the tone of the conversation will always be rather informal.

Those professionals who wish to take part in the Stepsero podcast, are under no obligation to discuss any mental health initiative currently taken by their company or employer, unless they wish to do so.

Every podcast episode will be published along with podcast notes, where we briefly explain what is being discussed in every audio. Whenever possible, we will make sure to include useful references at the bottom of the page, so that you are free to elaborate on any topic yourself.