#41: A chat with Selfapy’s CEO, Nora Blum

A chat with Selfapy's CEO, Nora Blum: Episode Notes

In this episode of the Stepsero podcast we enjoy a laid back conversation with Nora Blum, CEO and founder at Selfapy, a well-known digital platform for self-help against depression. 

We kick off our discussion with a few considerations on self-isolation, namely one of the many negative effects caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic. We then move onto Nora’s personal take on the new normal, and conclude with future plans for Selfapy.

Below are a few highlights:

  • The lack of social interactions, combined with the anxiety given by the spread of the virus, has caused more and more people to experience a higher degree of loneliness compared to the past.
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to establish a structured work-life routine, and employers are quickly realizing how much of a problem this is.
  • In times like these, it is highly recommended to try and maintain social connections. One great solution is to go for regular walks, while keeping a safe distance from others. Other than this, engaging in physical exercise can truly make a difference.
  • For Nora, establishing a good morning routine is a great step towards better self-care (although not an easy one).
    After work walks and short (5-10 minutes) meditation sessions can do wonders!
  • One practical solution that helps her take a break in the evening is to make use of softwares that help regulate access to work-related programs on her phone.
  • Since December 2020, Selfapy is the first depression program in Germany to be fully reimbursed by all health insurances.
    In the future, Nora hopes to achieve the same for their programs related to anxiety, panic disorders and burnout.

Our Guest: Nora Blum

Nora Blum Profile Photo

Nora Blum (29) is CEO and founder of Selfapy. She studied psychology at the University of Cambridge and has already worked in various clinical settings (e.g. UKE-Klinikum Psychiatrie in Hamburg). She then switched to the world of business and worked for Rocket Internet in corporate development. Already during her studies, the desire arose to provide accessible help for people with mental illnesses through online programmes.
Nora is from Hamburg and comes from a family of psychotherapists. She has long been committed to reducing the stigma around the topic of depression. In 2017, she made it onto Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.


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