#27: Why cognitive diversity matters

Why cognitive diversity matters: Episode Notes

Leaders need to know why cognitive diversity matters, in order to apply an individualized approach to their work processes.
But first things first: what is cognitive diversity? 

Sarah Allali, co-Founder of Think Confluent, explains that cognitive diversity refers to the inclusion of individuals who follow different thinking patterns, including the ones related to attention, memorization, learning and execution.
As humans, we all think in different ways, and therefore have different cognitive profiles. This happens even among people who work in the same department or belong to a similar social environment.
However, since employees are often conditioned to follow standardized processes at work, people leaders are usually unaware of these substantial cognitive differences. When this happens, managers can only try and make global assumptions about organizations, departments or teams as a whole, and apply a one-size-fits-all solution, at best.

But what if they had access to specific data about individuals and their own preferences?

Think Confluent is a Saas company that wants to apply neuroscience for better people management processes at work.
The company founders, Sarah Allali and Nicolas Cabrignac, created a software that aims at providing a personalized work experience in three main steps:

  1. Employees express their preferences at work by filling in their own cognitive profile.
  2. The current workplace gets assessed according to the above, to see whether it satisfies employees’ preferences.
  3. Training is provided in order to narrow the gap between company processes and employees’ preferences.

All in all, ThinkConfluent offers a way for professionals to come together and address cognitive diversity, in a way that people can finally be themselves at work.
Because of this, companies could finally have the chance to focus on people first, as they build their processes based on unique individualities.

Our Guest: Sarah Allali

Sarah Allali Profile Picture

Sarah is the co-founder and CEO of Think Confluent.
After studying Cognitive Sciences and particularly Neurosciences, she made a clear observation: the lack of information and knowledge on brain functioning induces unadapted managerial practices, not focused on employees’ expectations and personalities. And yet, today, more than ever, we need to put the human being back at the center of the company.
She wants to show that by putting an end to one-size-fits-all HR and management strategy, each team member can finally be fulfilled at work. Thanks to Think Confluent, she can help business leaders to offer a work experience adapted to the needs of all employees in their teams.


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