#28: Systemic coaching for companies

Systemic coaching for companies: Episode Notes

Can we create a healthy work environment through systemic coaching?

 Systemic coaching aims at aligning individual and team goals with company goals. In order to do that, it is important to visualize employees in relation to the system they operate in, rather than treating them as individual contributors.

Doris Friedl is a systemic coaching expert who is intrigued by all aspects of someone’s life. In this interview, she walks us through the relationship between our personal and professional lives, and the importance of prioritizing our values across their whole spectrum.
Whether we care about respect, creativity, consistency, or any other value, we need to find ways to fit within a larger environment, in a way that we can thrive harmoniously with all the other elements involved.

For this to happen, both employers and their employees need to commit to a change. On one hand, employers need to be willing to question existing structures. Should that not be the case, the chances for it to work are exponentially lower. On top of that, leaders need to understand that such a process may require a long time, although in the long run it will greatly pay off.
On the other hand, employees need to be willing to proactively work on their own values and needs, by first identifying them and then asking for what they need. As a matter of fact, being aware of their own priorities is not enough, unless they are brave enough to share them with their managers and colleagues.

What to do with those employers who are resistant to change?While there is no standard recipe for it,  it is a personal approach as it has a lot to do with the personality and stance of the founder and the company as a whole.

Overall, bringing a change through systemic coaching implies creating a new vision, driven by a shift in individuals’ mindset.

Our Guest: Doris Friedl

Doris Friedl Profile Picture

Doris Friedl is an Austrian-born People Manager and Systemic Coach, she has over twenty years of work experience and has lived in Brussels, Barcelona and since 2006 in Berlin. She has specialized in the creative sector and start-ups as well as in intercultural environments.
The new awareness of values is the reason why employers and employees are increasingly questioning old structures. More than ever before, they are intervening themselves to adapt the time and space of their work to their own ideas. This is not always successful and sometimes leads to frustration and excessive demands. Doris supports in professionally accompanying changes, so that motivation arises from excessive demands and personal growth from frustration.
Doris supports leaders and teams on deploying their full potential, creating a respectful work environment by improving transparency and implementing good communication.
Doris has extensive business organizational and human resources experience and dedicates her profession to being a “good leader” as interim HR professional. Additionally, as a certified career and life coach, Doris accompanies people through personal and professional changes, helping them to identify their goals, overcome blocks and to adopt new perspectives.
Doris loves to travel cycle and hike and she spends most weekends in the nature.


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