#50: Toxic Leadership with Kasia Musur

Toxic Leadership

Kasia Musur joins the Stepsero podcast to discuss toxic leadership. 

Below are a few main takeaways: 

  • It can be hard to define toxic traits in leaders. Generally speaking, toxic leaders put their image and interest ahead of the well-being of the people they lead. For toxic leaders, success is not about their team or even the company, but rather about themselves.

  • Especially early in your career, you might think that you simply have to accept toxic leadership as part of the process. But this does not have to be the case.

  • Toxic leadership highly depends on the company culture which tolerates it. Some businesses choose not to remove such leaders because of the short-term benefits they may bring. However, in the long-term, it is better for the bottom line if they are replaced as early as possible.

  • Different companies have different processes, so it is important to discuss with your HR department and understand the best approach to tackle the issue.

  • A toxic leader’s behavior may also get to the point where it affects someone’s dignity. This trauma often follows professionals into their private lives, impacting their health, social and family life as well as their next job performance. This is why it is important to spot and tackle the issue early on.

Our Guest: Kasia Musur


Bio Kasia Musur is a Berlin-based founder of an early-stage startup dealing with toxic leadership. Passionate about human dignity and human rights, Kasia also runs “lightup Germany”, a non-profit focusing on human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Germany. 


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