#51: Leadership and trust

Leadership and trust

In this episode of the Stepsero podcast, we discuss leadership and trust with Leo Wang. 

Here are some useful pointers: 

  • It is important that your team members operate according to a shared set of values they adhere to and engage with.

  • Letting your team know early on that you have their best interest at heart might help establish a baseline of trust. However, sharing your intentions is not as important as actually delivering on what you have promised.

  • It is great to look at experienced leaders, while trying to define your own leadership style.

  • When moving from an individual contributor role to a leadership position, it is important to help your team build bridges with other departments. Working on your communication style can help achieve better internal connections between your team and the rest of the company.

Our Guest: Leo Wang

Leo Wang Profile Photo

Leo is a Berlin-based sales leader in the geospatial and remote sensing industry. Having started as the first salesperson at UP42, he took the company from €0 to over €4M in Annual Revenue in less than 4 years through an unwavering customer-first operational approach. He has a passion for leadership, deeply thinking about the strategies and mindset around what makes a great leader and their powerful impact on performance. Outside of work, you’ll find him playing tennis, going to concerts, and spending quality time with the people he loves.


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