#52: A chat with Richard Turner from Employees Health

A chat with Richard Turner from Employees Health

Richard Turner, Director at Employees Health, joins the Stepsero podcast to discuss how to improve employees’ health and well-being. 

Here are a few main takeaways: 

  • What is the point of going through life if we aren’t happy, fulfilled, and healthy? Richard’s mission is to help professionals keep an optimal health state for as long as possible.

  • With our world being set up to be so negative these days, it is crucial that we focus on positivity, which in turn will help us achieve happiness and well-being.
  • Companies should strive to help employees fullfill their needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness (Self-determination theory). A lot of this depends on the culture that is promoted within the organization.

  • Senior leaders have a great impact on their teams and can help set the example in areas such as work-life balance, self-learning and development, setting boundaries at work, nutrition, and exercise.

Our Guest: Richard Turner

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As a personal trainer for nearly 10 years, Richard has been helping people live healthier lifestyles and improve their health and fitness. In 2019 he founded Employees Health to help businesses create a better workplace as well as help them improve their employees health, wellbeing and performance so that every employee can come to work and thrive. In 2018 Richard lost a friend and mentor to suicide which opened his eyes to the importance of looking after people’s mental health and the devastating effects of not doing so can have on us.
Since then he has been an advocate for learning about and raising awareness for Mental Health which has led to him completing his MHFAider qualification and his Science of Wellbeing qualification from Yale as well as all the awareness activities they do throughout the year.
Today, Richard’s mission is to help employees create happier and healthier lifestyles which improve their wellbeing and performance so both the individual and business can succeed. To do this, he always strives to help the companies he works with make positive, proactive changes that produce quantifiable, lasting results for employees and employers.


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