#53: Technology and remote work

Leaders and remote work

Kem Boggs joins Stepsero to share her thoughts on the role of leaders in a remote work environment. 

Below are a few main takeaways: 

  • The changes that occurred in the past few years forced many companies into a globally distributed and remote model. Many organizations are still in the adaptation phase.

  • Leaders face an increasingly difficult position, as they now need to consolidate their vision and communication more than ever.

  • Technology can help leaders offer the same experience to employees, regardless of whether they work remotely or not. Technology can make it easy to arrange AMAs (Ask-Me-Anything) and Forums to address relevant questions. Face-to-face interactions, even if just occasional, can further support remote work.

  • CEOs are likely to experience a certain degree of loneliness. It is important that they build their own network in order to create a safe space and discuss ideas.

  • Leaders can benefit from a structured and thought-through onboarding process.

Our Guest: Kem Boggs

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Top-performing human resources and talent acquisition leader with over twenty years of experience in positions of increased responsibility and a track record of promotions during my career. Fifteen years of experience in HR leadership. Five years of experience in leading employment branding programs. Four years on the executive or extended executive leadership team in multiple organizations.


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