#54: The relationship between body and psyche​

The relationship between body and psyche

In this episode, we welcome executive and mental coach Marta Michniewicz.

In our chat, we cover a variety of topics, including: 

  • The relationship between body and psyche, and the bio-psycho-social model.

  • The effects of treating your body the right way

  • Therapy as a vessel

  • Individual change and organisational change

  • The impact of leadership

Our Guest: Marta Michniewicz


Executive and mental coach with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Marta has worked in a variety of roles from providing psychosomatic body therapy to clients in clinical settings, to product development in health promotion, to working with health tech start-ups as a Platform & Partnership Manager. In her work, she uses her coaching and consulting skills to drive individual and organisational change. With Marta, you quickly experience a foundation of trust to grow within and create deep relationships with others.


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