#1: Introduction to mental well-being with Dr. Caroline Böttiger

Introduction to mental well-being: Episode Notes

In this introductory episode with Dr. Caroline Böttiger we touch upon a few interesting topics related to mental well-being.
Following a brief presentation about her background in neuroscience and her vast experience in both individual and business coaching, we move onto an insightful discussion on burnout. 
Böttiger carefully explains how burnout is actually the end result of a  process that can be broken down into three main stages:

  1. Great excitement and intense activity levels
  2. Sense of imbalance and tiredness
  3. High levels of stress and exhaustion

Unfortunately, it is only in the third stage that many people realize they have a problem. For this reason, it is crucial to prevent symptoms from deteriorating.

In the second part of our interview we discuss the impact that the current COVID-19 pandemic has on individual mental well-being, and we specifically share a few useful tips for people to react both on a personal and professional level. Among these, we will delve into the following:

  • The impact of morning and evening routines
  • The necessity to speak up when things get tough
  • The importance of transparent communication
  • The value of accountability
In the final phase of the interview Dr. Böttiger stresses how crucial it is for all of us to step forward rather than wait for anybody to reach out. Asking a friend or a colleague for help may seem very hard, but it is the right thing to do if we want to feel better in the long-term. In this regard, being able to visualize a positive outcome helps us move towards the life that we want.

Our Guest: Caroline Böttiger

Caroline Böttiger - mental well-being expert

Dr. Caroline Böttiger holds a PhD in Neuroscience and works as a psychotherapist and business coach in her office “Das Mitte Institut” in Berlin. She also runs the online platform “emotional-mind” for improving mental health through holistic approaches such as online courses and webinars.
In 2019 she published the book “Das Hungertier in Dir” about emotional eating and the connection between mental and physical health. 
Being an expert in mental health, burnout, leadership, team building and psychological safe communication skills, she provides workshops and coaching for multiple companies in Germany and Europe.




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