#2: When leaders care about people

When leaders care about people: Episode Notes

Michael is one of those leaders who truly care about people. He comes with invaluable experience both as a C-level executive and an entrepreneur, and has a lot of insights to share about growing a team.

In this Episode of the Stepsero podcast, Michael opens up about the responsibility that comes with being a people manager. Among several other valid points, he specifically directs our attention to the following:

  • To be able to support your colleagues, make sure to keep your own well-being in check.
  • Being approachable helps you gain trust. As a leaders you must make yourself approachable. In this way you are able to establish a direct line of communication with your colleagues.
  • Do not wait for individuals to step forward and discuss their problems with you. Proactively approach them whenever you sense that something is not right.

In the second part of the conversation we inevitably touch upon the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, Michael shares a few practical tips to safely handle remote cooperation. Among these, let us mention the ones below: 

  • Try new things on a regular basis. 
  • Take enough breaks.
  • Do not overdo the one-on-one check-ins. Just because you cannot have face time with your colleagues, there is no need to turn a weekly meeting into a daily appointment. Make sure that you give people enough room to breathe.
  • Pay special attention to those employees who live by themselves, as they might not always be vocal about needing your support.

Our Guest: Michael Duning

Michael Duning Profile Picture

Michael Duning is a business development leader, entrepreneur, and tech executive with over a decade of combined experience with various SaaS technology and mobile advertising technology companies.
In May 2020, he joined PlaytestCloud as Chief Growth Officer. Within the mobile ad tech space, Michael served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Berlin office of Glispa (a Market Group Company) and also co-founded Koneo Mobile, an international mobile advertising technology company for which he served as CEO. 

Michael has lived and worked in Chicago and San Francisco and currently resides in Berlin, Germany. Michael can be reached through his LinkedIn and welcomes new connections and opportunities to share knowledge and expertise.

Please note that Michael joined the Stepsero Podcast on his own account, and represents exclusively himself.


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