Healthy engagement at work: Episode Notes

Over-engagement is a real issue in most occupational environments nowadays. While leaders appreciate that workers are serious about their jobs, at some point people’s excitement can get our of control and turn into stress.

In this Episode of the Stepsero podcast, Marie provides us with relevant insights about the problem of over-engagement and its impact on employee retention. When peak activity levels are not backed by regular breaks, employees’ capacity for creativity and innovation decreases.

What are some early signs of over-engagement at work? 

  • Minimal vacation count. When employees don’t plan with enough holidays it might be worth to have a conversation with them.
  • Constant activity levels that keep stable over the weekend.
  • Individuals getting emotional for reasons that can be hard to justify.
  • Inability to disconnect after work hours.

What can you do as a company to address the problem of over-engagement?

  • Set company policies that help employees set limits on their workload.
  • Be aware of business seasonalities, and plan for company breaks accordingly. For instance, if you know that Q1 is a slower period on average, plan with initiatives that help employees slow down.

What can you do as an individual?

  • Be honest with yourself and know your limits.
  • Stick to healthy routines, whether that includes meditation, sports or anything else (to this purpose, we highly recommend that you read the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear).

Our Guest: Marie Bosseur Dit Toby

Marie Toby Profile Picture

Currently Head of People & Organisation at Taxfix – a 100 million euro funded start-up based in Berlin, Marie previously served in various international HR and change management roles in large global corporates such as Danone as well as hypergrowth fintech start-ups.
Her passion is to make people, hence businesses thrive. She believes that de-tabooing the topic of mental health in the workplace would enable a more holistic and balanced approach towards work and life which would in return empower people to be at their best.


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“Atomic Habits” by James Clear