#7: The power of empathy

The power of empathy: Episode Notes

When it comes to understanding the power of empathy and its impact on society as a whole, look no further than Mimi Nicklin.
Thanks to her impressive professional experience, and a strong belief in the importance of kindness and decency at work, Mimi has embarked on a journey to bring empathy to the role of leadership.

Empathy is all about taking perspective, and standing in someone else’s shoes in order to achieve mutual gain.
During our conversation, Mimi explains how empathy is a skill that human beings have honed throughout millennia, which has helped us develop cohesion and social understanding. We also clarify that making use of empathy is a choice, as all individuals are equipped with it and are able to practice it.

One of the concepts that stands out in this episode of Stepsero is that of regenerative leadership, aimed at regenerating an organization’s workforce. When empathy is correctly and consistently applied to one’s leadership style,  people tend to thrive within the workplace.
Such way of conducting business will be more and more required as Millennials are increasingly moving towards leadership positions. 

Below are a few other pointers that we touched upon together with Mimi:

  • People with a high IQ are not necessarily proficient in EQ.
  • Empathy is a skill needed in any sort of organization, no matter what industry it operates in.
  • Being empathetic creates confidence, peace and stability, both inside and outside of work.

Our Guest: Mimi Nicklin

Mimi Nicklin Profile Photo

Mimi Nicklin is an experienced marketer and communications specialist, and a well-known empathetic leader. For over thirteen years she has been working across the globe with her clients to drive stand out creative interventions that lead to business and culture change. Driven by the pursuit of bringing conscientiousness to the role and impact of Regenerative Leadership, with a desire to make the world of work a more empathetic, valuable and sustainably healthy place to be, Softening The Edge is Mimi’s first book. She is also a keynote speaker and columnist. 

Having lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Dubai, Mimi’s approach changes organisations from the inside out, focusing on cultural, behavioural and mindset change. Currently based in Dubai, she is a natural coach, writer and creative mind, and has held roles as diverse as Strategic Director, Vice President and Creative Officer in some of the world’s leading advertising agencies. Her passion for balancing humanism with capitalism, drives her commitment to leading the practice of Regenerative and empathetic leadership, as well as her ‘principles of people’, into organisations worldwide.


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