#10: A gym for mental health

A gym for mental health: Episode Notes

Javier is a successful entrepreneur who came up with the idea of building a gym for mental health.
He had this intuition while going through a rough time himself, as he realized that the approach to improving mental well-being is outdated. Specifically, he has resolved to tackle the following pain points: 

  • People get lost among many different solutions and find it hard to come across the right expert.
  • Clinics and consulting rooms often feel sterile and impersonal. 
How to solve this?
  • Create a pleasant experience for anybody who wants to improve their mental well-being.
  • Build a brick and mortar gym for mental health, where individuals can consult with a wide range of experts, such as psychologists, nutritionists and life coaches.
  • Offer to move the experience online via a mobile app.

Leaders like Javier understand that you need to make your employees your primary focus as the success of your organization directly depends on that. If you decide to ignore the fact that at some point people will struggle with their mental health, you are not leading the right way.

Javier concludes the interview with a few precious statements:

  • Just because you are going through a hard time, that does not mean that your worth is any less than anybody else.
  • Build the courage to speak up with friends and family.
  • Be consistent in your commitment to improve your mental health.
    Just like you don’t expect to get in perfect physical shape after one week of exercise, realize that achieving mental well-being might take time, and that is ok.

Our Guest: Javier Suarez

Javier Suarez Profile Picture

Javier Suarez is an Entrepreneur based in Barcelona and most recently, founder of TravelPerk, one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech startups. Prior to founding TravelPerk, Javier worked in several strategic roles within Booking.com’s HQ in Amsterdam. Javier was born in El Salvador, grew up in Berlin and is a proud father to two boys with his partner Elise.


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