#11: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion: Episode Notes

With conversations about mental health becoming increasingly frequent, professionals today are paying more attention to a wide variety of related aspects, such as diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Our guest Manjuri is particularly well-versed in this area, and has agreed to share her own thoughts on the Stepsero podcast.

Diversity is not only related to race and gender. To care about diversity means to identify existing stress factors in someone’s life and be mindful about them.
In this respect, it is important for leaders to think of whether they are creating the right conditions for people to be comfortable enough. For example, consider a colleague who is busy taking care of a sick parent, or those people who need to meet a deadline while taking care of their kids: Are leaders conscious enough about their needs?

Diversity and Inclusion is also particularly relevant in the recruiting context. Individuals might not feel confident enough to show the best version of themselves during an interview, or might not even dare to apply to a job they are actually suited for. It is therefore the interviewer’s job to bridge that gap and make sure that the right conditions are set for people to be safe and comfortable. 

Especially in times like these, when professionals are required to work remotely, a significant amount of empathy is required.
Manjuri was kind enough to share a few actionable insights:

  • Should either the interviewer or the candidate not be at their best, it is ok to agree on a short break or even reschedule the conversation.
  • Candidates should avoid restricting their search scope and be ready to venture into opportunities that they have never considered before.
    In this sense, building a network, blogging and being creative can make a whole lot of difference. 

Our Guest: Manjuri Sinha

Manjuri Sinha Profile Picture

Manjuri heads the technology talent acquisition team globally for OLX Group ( A Naspers Company ). She possesses 15+ years of international experience in leading HR and Talent Acquisition teams for mid to large organizations such as Zalando, Accenture etc,  and has worked and lived in India, Czech republic and Germany. Being an avid traveler, she also wears a dual hat of a speaker, mentor and a blogger.


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