#47: Global mobility and Employee relocation

Global mobility and Employee relocation

This episode covers Global Mobility and employee relocation, as well as their impact on employees’ mental well-being. 

Below are a few highlights: 

  • Employee relocations have become more popular in recent years, also thanks to the growth of the Tech industry. However, company leaders may not always understand the importance of relocation processes.

  • Proactive assistance can go a long way. Employees who relocate may not be aware of the hurdles they will face. These can affect their performance at work and their mental well-being.

  • Expectation management is a crucial skill for relocation professionals. Experts like Michali know this is a very complicated process. It is, therefore, important to be as realistic and accurate as possible.
    When that does not happen, employees may get disappointed and frustrated, which can have a very negative impact on their well-being.

  • Relocation professionals themselves are also at risk of experiencing a significant amount of stress and anxiety, as they sometimes bear a big responsibility.

  • If you are considering relocating, beware of social media because sometimes information can be confusing. The subject is very complicated, and it is crucial that you speak to an actual expert.

Our Guest: Michali Henig

Michali Henig Profile picture

Michali Henig is a Global Mobility Leader. During her career she had a small relocation agency which specialized in relocating highly qualified employees to Germany, and then was working as an in-house Global Mobility Partner in several companies, focusing on establishing the GM team and creating people-friendly mobility policies and processes. Being an expat herself, Michali is fascinated with international environments and is passionate about making an impact in creating inclusive environments for people on different immigration paths.


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