#48: Mental Well-being at work: a chat with Thomas Forstner

Mental well-being at work with Thomas Forstner

Thomas Forstner joins the Stepsero podcast to discuss mental well-being at work, focus, and vulnerability.

Here are some takeaways from our chat:

  • In recent times, many companies have provided their employees with some useful resources, including tools for online therapy. As great as these may be, however, they should come as part of a wider strategy to foster mental well-being at work.


  • A “productized approach” to people can be helpful to developing your company and removing part of the uncertainty (and fluff) that professionals experience at work.


  • To improve focus at work, you must understand your role within the organisation, and what you are building towards. For example, while some focus on building the company’s product, others may be tasked with developing people.


  • Companies that invest disproportionately more in the product than their people, typically tend to fail, get a bad reputation, or both.


  • It is hard to communicate to your company that you are not ok. However, being vulnerable could be a catalyst one needs to take a break and get the necessary energy back.

Our Guest: Thomas Forstner

Thomas Forstner Photo

Thomas is the Senior Director of People & Talent at Juro – a 100-strong, collaborative contract management platform on a mission to de-throne MS Word – where he is building a human-centric, scalable team from the ground up.


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