#42: Dr. Böttiger and Taxfix back on Stepsero

Dr. Böttiger and Taxfix back on Stepsero: Episode Notes

In this episode we share a success story featuring two former guests of the Stepsero podcast: Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Boettiger (founder of Mitte Institut) and Marie Bosseur Dit Toby, Head of People at Taxfix.

Thanks to their appearance on Stepsero, Taxfix and Dr. Boettiger and her team from Mitte Institut embarked on a fruitful collaboration aimed at combining bottom-up and top-down approaches to mental well-being at work.

Below are a few highlights:

  • Burnout develops over three main stages: overexcitement/over engagement, resistance, and exhaustion.
  • Taxfix operates in a very open minded environment, where conversations about mental well-being are not only welcome, but encouraged. Because of this, Dr. Boettiger quickly became sort of an extension of the TaxFix workforce.
  • Burnout has severe impact on employees, that is why it is important for managers to be adequately prepared. For such reasons, it might make sense for leaders to take on a coaching approach, while leaning on a psychotherapy expert for questions related to mental health.
  • Taxfix has implemented a culture based on what they call “effectiveness and fun”. Based on this, individuals are allowed to privilege long term success rather than short-term gain and are encouraged to take advantage of down-times whenever necessary.

Our Guests: Caroline Böttiger & Marie Bosseur Dit Toby

Caroline Böttiger - mental well-being expert
Marie Toby Profile Picture

Dr. Caroline Böttiger holds a PhD in Neuroscience and works as a psychotherapist and business coach in her office “Das Mitte Institut” in Berlin. She also runs the online platform “emotional-mind” for improving mental health through holistic approaches such as online courses and webinars.
In 2019 she published the book “Das Hungertier in Dir” about emotional eating and the connection between mental and physical health. 
Being an expert in mental health, burnout, leadership, team building and psychological safe communication skills, she provides workshops and coaching for multiple companies in Germany and Europe.

Marie Bosseur Dit Toby: Currently Head of People & Organisation at Taxfix – a 100 million euro funded start-up based in Berlin, Marie previously served in various international HR and change management roles in large global corporates such as Danone as well as hypergrowth fintech start-ups.
Her passion is to make people, hence businesses thrive. She believes that de-tabooing the topic of mental health in the workplace would enable a more holistic and balanced approach towards work and life which would in return empower people to be at their best.


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