Brain Health

In this episode, Dr. Sara Whedon joins us to discuss the importance of Brain Health at work.

Below are a few relevant pointers: 

  • Brain Health is the main driver of employees’ performance at work. However, organizations rarely know how to help their people reach an optimal level of functioning without going over budget.

  • Understanding Brain Health is crucial for organizations to get a footing in areas such as high churn rates, conveyor belt mentality, and lack of productivity.

  • Dr. Sara helps companies by giving them tips and tools to enhance what they have and allow them to grow exponentially.

  • Sometimes we refer to employees as toxic, demotivated, or lazy. However, this is usually due to their brain not reaching an optimal state, thus not firing properly.

  • Well-being apps and training programs are great, but they are not necessarily a foundational layer for brain health. Very few people will take action and engage in said programs unless they first feel better.

  • Dr. Sara follows a three-phase model (Aware, Adapt, and Accelerate) which she describes during our conversation.
    Her approach varies depending on the company she works with, as not every problem or situation needs the same solution.

Our Guest: Dr Sara Whedon

Dr Sara Whedon Profile Photo

Dr. Sara has combined her years helping patients transform their lives, her desire to allow people to live their best life and her experience as a daughter of a corporate executive to bring brain-based transformations to organizations.
With over 50,000 patient interactions, she has seen time and time again, what the brain and body are capable of when they are optimized. She is changing the narrative that wellness in an organization must be expensive, generic and provide little to no return to individuals or the organization. 


Dr Sara Whedon