#37: The positive effects of a career change

The positive effects of a career change: Episode Notes

Thinking about a career change can be scary and stressful.
Rebecca O’Brien joins Stepsero to share her own journey from Marketing & Sales to Wellness Coaching. 

Following a debilitating burnout, Rebecca made the brave choice to go back to study and finally embrace what she felt was her real purpose in life.
As a first step, rather than pursuing what was expected of her and keep climbing the corporate ladder, she set out to follow different therapies including breathwork, CBT therapy and trauma healing, among others. 

Below are a few takeaways from our discussion: 

  • As scary as it may sound, a career change may lead to a healthier and happier future. For these to be successful, we should avoid pushing our emotions away, but rather listen to our inner voice.

  • Hitting rock bottom may sometimes be necessary for us to realize that we need to follow a new path. Thanks to her painful experience, Rebecca was able to re-evaluate many important aspects of her life, including some of her previous relationships.

  • Wellness by Rebecca is based on four core principles, namely Self-mastery, Powerful Mind, High-performing habits, and Unbreakable Boundaries. 

  • Our own well-being starts with us and requires a significant amount of inner work. This includes setting healthy choices for our body, mind and spirit, and building a sustainable foundation for ourselves.

Our Guest: Rebecca O'Brien

Rebecca O'Brien Profile Picture

Rebecca O’Brien is a Certified Stress Management & Burnout Prevention Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Nutritionist, and former Sales & Marketing Executive. She is the Founder and CEO of Wellness by Rebecca, which is posed to help IT professionals through private coaching and corporate programs.

Rebecca She splits her time between San Francisco and Stockholm and uses techniques from both cultures with her clients. When Rebecca isn’t helping professionals reduce stress and prevent burnout, she walks her talk by spending time in nature, practicing mindfulness/meditation, cooking, and loves traveling the world.


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