#59: Coaching with Costas: Speaking Up at work

Speaking Up at work

Speaking up at work” is the central topic of this fifth episode of “Coaching with Costas”.

Below are a few main pointers:

  • Speaking up at work is an essential part of one’s career.

  • The fear of how it could be received should not be the reason why you don’t do it.

  • There are two categories of speaking up: sharing an opinion, and wanting to effect change. The former is usually a microcosm of the latter. Trying to effect change is more difficult and requires you to offer a series of solutions.

  • Cognitive diversity results in better outcomes for the organisation.

  • Remind yourself that you were hired to share your opinion.

  • Speaking up needs to be done tactfully and in a constructive way. Most importantly it should be backed with facts.

  • You do not need to have a perfectly formed opinion all the time. It is ok to share a partially constructed idea. This may help put less pressure on yourself.

  • Enlist, Prepare, and Center.

Our Guest: Costas Kalisperas

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Costas is the Founder & CEO of In Tune Executive Coaching. His focus is on helping leaders to be in tune with themselves and their environment, tap into their inner resourcefulness and manage their interactions with others more effectively. To know more about Costas, please visit any of the links below.


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