#16: Individual and Team coaching

Individual and Team coaching: Episode Notes

 In this podcast episode we touch on the importance of both individual and team coaching within organizations.

Individual coaching is generally aimed at helping workers get back to their performance zone, which is where they can keep moving towards their better self. This is particularly effective when professionals find themselves at a stall point, and wonder about ways that they can achieve more in life. 

With team coaching the focus is on people’s relationship and dynamics, to make sure that individuals know how to listen and work as a group. In an organizational setting, professionals are often drawn to speak their own mind rather than listen to each other.
Team coaching however allows to hone one’s observational and listening skills in order to thrive at a collective level, in a way that everyone’s perspective is taken into account. 

Based on his own professional experience, Conscious Leadership Coach Peter Wolff is eager to improve people’s well-being at work by practicing both individual and team coaching. 

In the second part of our conversation, Peter speaks about the importance of looking for the root cause of stress, whether that is coming from fear of failure, unmet expectations, unrealistic demands, or any other triggering situation that may happen in the relational space at work. 

We approach the end of the discussion by discussing purpose, both on an individual and an organizational level.
Specifically, Peter mentions how purpose serves the following outcomes, among others: 

  • Aligning individual values with the company’s wider perspective.
  • Giving people a chance to know themselves better. 
  • Giving people permission to offer what they are good at, so that it can be received by others.

Our Guest: Peter Wolff

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Peter Wolff The Art & Science of Thriving At Work About Peter: With a unique background in engineering, social science and mindfulness, Peter Wolff coaches individuals in mastering mindset and authentic communication, as well as practicing creative collaboration. 

A native of San Francisco, CA, Peter spent 15 years in both government and corporate settings applying leading edge IT and software solutions to transportation problems. In between managing product innovation for Daimler and beginning graduate school in Integrative Health Studies, he spent time in Egypt, Morocco, Brazil and India, exploring how sacred music is used for healing and connection. He lived in Varanasi for nearly a year studying yoga and Indian Classical Music. 

A long-time student of consciousness, these core themes continue in his organizational consulting and coaching work. 

Motto: “I coach leaders at all levels to create excellence in collaboration and innovation, while simultaneously optimizing individual performance and well-being.”


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