#34: Global mobility and mental health

Global mobility and mental health: Episode Notes

In this Podcast episode we discuss the relationship between Global Mobility and mental health. Our guest Holly Maria Creed, co- founded Next Gen GM in 2018 whose aim is to support Global Mobility Professionals, both corporate and vendor, with less than fifteen years’ experience within Global Mobility. 

More specifically, with the Next Gen GM, Holly hopes to create an environment where Global Mobility Professionals are free to discuss a variety of topics, while potentially expanding their own network and creating long lasting relationships. 

In 2020, Next Gen GM has focused on addressing mental health implications within the Global Mobility industry and below are a few takeaways from our discussion: 

  • Being on assignment can be a difficult experience. Whether it is about finding the right school for your kids, or fitting into a whole new culture, you may face significant challenges unless the right provisions are in place. 
  • The hardships of being on assignment could have repercussions on your personal life, as well as your own mental health. For this reason, employees on assignment may want to rely on Global Mobility Professionals to empathize with their mental health concerns. 
  • Due to the nature of their job, Global Mobility employees tend to work very long hours and place their client’s satisfaction above their own well-being. This is clearly a problem when they become too exhausted to help a client in need. 
  • As a Global Mobility worker, you may get concerned with the wrong initiatives and forget that the main purpose is to look after other individuals. In this regard, it is not uncommon to get caught up in strategic decisions involving analytics and data, while your clients may first and foremost need someone to discuss their mental health struggles with.

Our Guest: Holly Maria Creed

Holly Maria Creed Profile Photo

Holly Maria Creed’s Global Mobility career began when she started a graduate scheme in US and UK expatriation tax before moving to EY to specialise in Global Mobility.
Over the next eighteen months Holly ran a FTSE 100 client account and undertook her first Assignment to India. Upon Holly’s return from India, she moved into Global Mobility consulting before undertaking the role of project manager to help the Head of Global Mobility establish a new operating model for an international energy company.
Holly is a passionate and inspiring leader who is fast gathering a positive reputation as a thought leader and innovator within the industry.


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