#23: Creating a culture of impact

Creating a culture of impact: Episode Notes

Many workplaces are still focused on performance while they really should be working on creating a culture of impact.
Professionals at every stage of their careers are evaluated exclusively on immediate profit and revenue growth despite little attention being paid to the impact that they bring over the long-term.
Because of this, individuals are usually not always comfortable with being vulnerable around colleagues, as that may be associated with a weak professional profile.

In this episode of Stepsero, Noor brings our attention to the importance of institutionalizing micro-initiatives at work in order to build a more impactful culture.
Specifically, she offers a few practical suggestions that can be implemented within any company:

  • Introduce check-ins and check-outs.
    A the beginning of every meeting, leaders should make it a habit to ask how everyone is feeling. People should be encouraged to be completely honest, to the point that meetings could be even rescheduled in case the conditions for it to happen are not right.
  • Avoid leaving the office being angry or worried.
    It is quite common to drag our professional concerns over into our private lives. In some cases, we even spend our entire weekends being overly-stressed because of something that happened back in the office. In this regard, leaders should not only encourage employees to reach out, but proactively make sure that their colleagues have the chance to immediately address any issue they may have.
  • Leaders should regularly make themselves accessible by leaving free slots in their calendars. In this way, workers will know when they can book a time to have a transparent and private conversation.

Our Guest: Noor van Boven

Noor van Boven Profile Picture

Noor has over 15 years of experience in international Human Resources, specifically building, scaling and transforming organizations. Before joining N26, Noor was the VP People at SoundCloud; led the Recruiting, Talent and Organizational Development initiatives at TomTom and worked as a HR Business Partner for several international tech companies, including Dell. Noor is a Dutch native with a passion for travel. Work has given her the opportunity to live in New York, India and now Berlin.


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