#4: Change management and mental health

Change management and mental health: Episode Notes

Nicole started as a change management consultant in the late 90s, when there wasn’t a lot of room for vulnerability at work.
Throughout the years she experienced several situations that made her realize how often organizations suffer from a misalignment between values and behaviors.

While it is important for leaders to be active and visible sponsors for change, that might just not be enough. As a matter of fact, change management is a much deeper process, which requires managers to connect with individuals in a way that they can be heard.
We live in a society where people are conditioned to be constantly competing with their peers rather than trying to establish a more meaningful relationship. Such an attitude, which is usually ingrained in people’s brains since their very childhood, creates a very weak mental foundation, which needs to change.

Nicole’s focus on people and connected leadership has made a significant impact in her career. No matter what business companies operate in, she believes that organizational change and progress can only happen when individuals are able to fully express themselves rather than try and hide their vulnerability.

Nicole concludes our interview with a terrific piece of advice: do not separate your own persona from your work persona: be yourself at all times.

Our Guest: Nicole Paquet

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Nicole is a Senior Change Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience in both industry and consulting, supporting leaders and teams through the people impacts related to change and business transformation. Nicole has worked in a number of industries throughout her career, including the Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, and Technology & Communications.  Her focus has been driving business improvement through strategic change programs, including leading numerous transformational change initiatives, developing comprehensive people strategies, and facilitating strategic planning workshops.
Nicole speaks and writes passionately on her blog about the leader’s role in driving real and meaningful change, by modeling behaviours based in trust, connection, and resilience. Nicole makes her home on the beautiful East Coast of Canada with her four children, and thoroughly enjoys living life outside as much as she can!


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