CBT at work: Episode Notes

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also referred to as CBT, is an approach that can help significantly improve people’s quality of life. 

As a recruitment professional, Chris Hart is clearly passionate about individuals’ mental well-being.
A few months ago, he started having a closer look at CBT practices, as well as different ways he could bring mental well-being initiatives to his organization. 

Below are a few highlights from our discussion: 

  • CBT works around the ABC model, which stands for “activity, belief system, and consequence”. Specifically, CBT allows us to become aware of our thoughts and behaviors (consequence), in order to identify what triggered them (activity). By doing so, we can tap into our belief system and replace negative habits with positive ones.

  • Before implementing any specific policy related to well-being, it is crucial to establish the right working culture.

  • In order to build a long-lasting support strategy, leaders should let employees dictate what is important.

  • While leaders can be involved in mental health committees at work, they should allow employees to drive the initiative.

  • One great way for managers to establish trust at work, is to show their own vulnerability.

Our Guest: Chris Hart

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Chris Hart is 39 and Dad to his three boys, Tate (8), Zac (4) and Finn (1).
He has worked in Recruitment for 13 years, covering technology, mainly Infrastructure and Security and is currently a Team Lead at Client Server based in London.
Having experienced his own ups and downs with Mental Health, he is a passionate Ambassador on the topic and a certified CBT Coach & Practitioner.
Chris has recently launched his own podcast, “Mintally Speaking”.


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