#18: A Mental Health Solveathon

A Mental Health Solveathon: Episode Notes

TACTHUB, a think-do thank rooted in sustainability and human values, are organizing a Mental Health solveathon starting on August 28th, 2020.

Poonam Balan and her team came up with a unique approach to social change, which involves incubation support, global leaders and innovation coaches.
Specifically, their solveathon wants to develop a concept-level solution in one of the following applicability areas:

  • Education and Learning
  • Physiology and Therapy
  • Employment Care
  • Family and Community
  • Life Purpose Design
  • Finance and wealth
The winner idea and its solving team will be awarded with a wild card entry into an acceleration program. In a nutshell, this means that the solveathon will not limit itself to a brand effort, but will rather focus on a very practical outcome.
Given its focus on mental health, and the significant impact that this initiative could have on so many areas, organizations from all over the place are encouraged to take an active role in sponsoring teams and absorbing any promising idea into their own cultural competence and employee management strategies.

Our Guest: Poonam Balan

Poonam Balan Profile Picture

Poonam Balan is the Founder & CEO of TACTHUB and is a tri-sectoral brand integrity leader whose career has spanned across six industries on three continents. A continuous improvement and governance expert, Poonam has created some of the most disruptive cross-sectoral impact identities and digital strategies affecting national talent retention, diaspora knowledge exchange frameworks and foreign policy.


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